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Find up-to-date information on the bank’s services and branches

  • The bank is currently reviewing its services on a daily basis as we transition back to normal operations. The validity of this information is assured each day.

  • This information is current as of:
    Last updated:

  • After continued assessment of the current situation with our various stakeholders (and in particular the needs of our clients), and receipt of guidance from the central bank, DAB, we provide you with the current update regarding our services:
  • Branches
  • Branches continue to operate with limited services, subject to availability of cash notes, and in accordance with the limits set by the Central Bank DAB. (full list and addresses is included below).
  • Corporate Clients
  • Domestic Transfers - being processed.

  • Withdrawals – still limited to up to 5% of balances, or USD25,000 per month, whichever is lower. However this limit does not apply to below conditions:
    • Fresh / new cash deposits
    • Electronic fund received by an NGO for humanitarian aid purposes
    • Electronic fund received against export of goods from Afghanistan

  • Cash withdrawals in provinces are subject to the above limit and availability of cash notes in each province.

  • Outgoing international transfers – DAB has now directed banks to resume processing of outgoing international transfers to corporate customers, subject pre-approval by DAB, and with the below summarized restrictions:
    • International outgoing transfers must be for payment of the purchase of the below items (to be evidenced by applicable documents including ACCDs):
      • Food
      • Medicine
      • Fuel (including gas)
      • Hygiene items
      • Electricity
      • Raw material and spare parts for manufacturing
      • Transportation and communication
      • System maintenance
      • Other payments deemed necessary by DAB
    • Payments can only be for up to 25% of existing account balances
    • If 25% limit of balances is reached with outgoing transfers, no further withdrawals will be allowed
    • Limit of 25% does not apply to fresh deposits in cash
    • Corporates can not send transfers to individual accounts and vice-versa

  • In addition, transfers will be subject to pre-approval by our international correspondent banks, which has proved to be long, and with criteria which is more restrictive than the one from the Central Bank.

  • Incoming international transfers – these are being processed subject to internal processed of our international correspondent banks.

  • Individual Clients
  • DAB Withdrawal Limits for Non Payroll Accounts:
  • The below limits set by DAB continue to be in force only for non payroll accounts. The payroll accounts are exempted from this limitation. Payroll account holders can withdraw their salaries regardless of any limit.

    • US Dollars: USD 400 per customer per week
    • Afghanis: AFN 30,000 per customer per week
    • Other currencies: USD equivalent of USD400 per customer per week, or up to the equivalent of USD1,200 per month.
    • Alternatively, withdrawals of up to USD1,200 or AFN100,000 are allowed, but only once per month.

  • Cash withdrawals in provinces are subject to the above limit and availability of cash notes in each province.

  • Above limit does not apply to fresh / new cash deposits – those can be withdrawn in full.

  • Domestic transfers are being processed.

  • Outgoing international transfers – currently not allowed by DAB.

  • Incoming international transfers – these are being processed subject to internal processed of our international correspondent banks.

  • As previously stated, our intention is to return to full operations as soon as possible, but there are likely to remain constraints on our ability to do this in the short term.

  • We once again thank our clients and business partners for your continued patience and understanding during this period of reduced services.

  • Branches that are currently open:

  • AIB Branch Address
    AIB Head Office Branch Kabul, Afghanistan
    AIB Shahr-e-Naw Branch Kabul,Afghanistan
    Sarai Shahzada Branch Kabul ,Afghanistan
    Mirwais Maidan Branch Kabul, Afghanistan
    Taimani Branch Kabul, Afghanistan
    Karte Naw Branch Kabul, Afghanistan
    Pole Charkhi Branch Kabul, Afghanistan
    Daudzai Center Branch Kabul, Afghanistan
    Karte Sah Branch Kabul, Afghanistan
    Wazir Akbar Khan Branch Kabul, Afghanistan
    UNOCA Branch Kabul, Afghanistan
    AIB Mazar Main Branch Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan
    AIB Kandahar Branch Kandahar - Afghanistan
    AIB Jalalabad Branch Jalalabad, Afghanistan
    AIB Herat Main Branch Herat, Afghanistan

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Our mission is to foster economic development in Afghanistan, to be a catalyst for growth, and ultimately contribute to the prosperity of the country and its people.

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