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Point Of Sale (POS)

Save time, Reduce Cost & Boost Sales with AIB Point of Sales (POS) machines.

A point of sale (POS) system is the mix of hardware and software that allows you to receive payments for goods and services you provide to your customers. We at AIB can support you with this extraordinary product and will enable you to accept payments from all domestic & International Visa & MasterCard Holders.

Ways to using our POS terminals to run your enterprise:

  • More Payment Option: If you operate a cash-only business, your growth potential is severely limited. That is because nowadays most of the middle-income people carry cards in their wallets, as it is more safe and convenient compare to cash. A POS system expands the number of payment options you can accept.
  • Payment integration automation: a POS system can help you automate many times consuming tasks from bookkeeping to inventory management to order fulfillment. Instead of keeping these records update by hand, your POS system can leverage integrated to put these processes on autopilot.
  • All your transactions will reflect in your account and you do not worry security of your sales amount, on the other side, it will increase your business transparency.
  • Fewer Errors & Redundancies: This benefit directly related to the previous one, but payment integration can also help reduce errors and redundancies in your bookkeeping. Machines are much faster and more accurate.
  • Enhanced Mobility: with AIB POS terminals you can leverage mobility, which means you can take the POS to your customers at his/her premises and perform the transaction.
  • Shorter queues and faster sales: Yet, for more businesses, long queues are a sign for inefficiency, your customers are not feeling “Buzz" they are simply waiting to pay and be on their way. Our POS system uses NFC (Near Field Technology) can dramatically shorten and speed the transaction process, NFC technology allows your customers, simply wave their smartphones or cards over an NFC enabled terminal, and the transaction done.
  • Currency Support: For better support of your business we support you with USD and AFN currencies

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