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Customer Complaint

Customer Rights Protection Unit (CRPU) reports directly to the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer. Its primary responsibilities are to help improve the quality of the Bank’s services and to resolve any disputes with customers – fairly, reasonably, quickly, and amicably.

The CRPU is assigned to inform our customers about how they can share their concerns with us. This applies to complaints, financial disputes, or deficiencies in banking services such as electronic cards, ATMs, online banking, and charges. Also covered are complaints concerning deficiencies in staff behaviour and unfair treatment. The Bank is ensuring that any complaints reaching us are recorded, monitored, and treated fairly and sympathetically without any prejudice and discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or tribe.

We are here to solve any problem or grievance that should arise. Customers are invited to bring these to our attention for redress based on the Bank’s policy and procedures. We believe that customer trust and satisfaction will be increased – and our relationships strengthened – by prompt and efficient handling of their requests and proper safeguarding of their legitimate rights and interests.

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