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Master Titanium Credit Card

Whether for drawing cash from an ATM, visiting a shop, online purchasing, booking tickets, and hotel accommodation the AIB mc credit card can mean real freedom!

Master Titanium Credit Card


Retail Transaction:

  • Defined daily limits of $ 7,500 for purchases (POS and online) transactions.
  • Daily Number of transactions limit for purchase 10.
  • Defined per Window limits of $ 15,000 for purchases (POS and online) transaction.
  • Per Window Number of transactions limit for purchase 60. (Window is equal to 15 days)

Cash Withdrawal:

  • Defined a daily limit of $ 1,500 through ATM.
  • Daily Number of transactions limit for ATM 5
  • Defined per Window limit of $ 4,000 through ATM.
  • Per Window Number of transactions limit for cash withdrawal 20.

Cash Deposit:

  • Defined daily Cash Deposit limits $ 300 through Cash Deposit Machine.
  • Daily Number of transactions limit for cash deposit 2 through Cash Deposit Machine.
  • Defined Per Window limit of $ 1,000 for cash deposit through Cash Deposit Machine.
  • Per Window Number of transactions, limit for cash deposit 5 through Cash Deposit Machine.


  • Supplementary card option
  • Request for Private & Business accounts
  • Issuance Facility USD currency
  • Free SMS & Email alerts
  • Free E-Statement
  • Visit:
  • Your initial password is your name embossed on your card including space
  • Dual installment payment plan option- 10% or 100%
  • 10 days grace period for bill payment
  • No monthly fee
  • Free renewal
  • No statement fee

Card Fee, Limit & Expiry Date


  • Free Issuance
  • Annual Fee USD 100


  • Max: $9,999
  • Min: $500

Expiry Date:

  • 5 Years


  • Chip & Pin
  • 3D secure
  • One-time password (OTP) facility for online transactions
  • NFC (Near Field Communication), with this technology other than inserting your card at ATM & POS just tab your card and execute your transaction.

Way to Apply?

  • Visit the nearest AIB branch

Things to know before visiting the branch and applying:

  • 1Maintaining an active account with AIB
  • 2Present your valid NID (Tazkira)
  • 3 A passport size photo is requires
  • 4Signing Schedule of Charges
  • 5Signing General Terms and Conditions