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Master Platinum Credit Card

Now you can travel the world comfortably in the knowledge that you have a global payment card that is universally accepted. So, keeping “tabs” on your finances, accessing cash, enjoying the many privileges with AIB MC Platinum Credit Card, the world is open to you.

Master Platinum Credit Card


Retail Transaction:

  • Defined daily limits of $ 10,000 for purchases (POS and online) transactions.
  • Daily Number of transactions limit for purchase 15.
  • Defined per Window limits of $ 30,000 for purchases (POS and online) transactions.
  • Per Window Number of transactions limit for purchase 60. (Window is equal to 15 days)

Cash Withdrawal:

  • Defined daily limits of $ 2,000 through ATM.
  • Daily Number of transactions limit for ATM 5
  • Defined per Window limit of $ 5,000 through ATM.
  • Per Window Number of transactions limit for cash withdrawal 20.

Cash Deposit:

  • Defined daily Cash Deposit limits $ 500 through Cash Deposit Machine.
  • Daily Number of transactions limit for cash deposit 2 through Cash Deposit Machine.
  • Defined Per Window limit of $ 2,000 for cash deposit through Cash Deposit Machine.
  • Per Window Number of transactions, limit for cash deposit 10 through Cash Deposit Machine.


  • Supplementary card option
  • Request for Private & Business accounts
  • Issuance Facility USD currency
  • Free SMS & Email alerts
  • Free E-Statement
  • Visit:
  • Your initial password is your name embossed on your card including space
  • Dual installment payment plan option- 10% or 100%
  • 10 days grace period for bill payment
  • No monthly fee
  • Free renewal
  • No statement fee

Card Fee, Limit & Expiry Date:


  • Free Issuance
  • Annual Fee USD 200


  • Max: $30,000
  • Min: $10,000

Expiry Date:

  • 5 Years


  • Chip & Pin
  • 3D secure
  • One time password (OTP) facility for online transactions
  • NFC (Near Field Communication), with this technology other than inserting your card at ATM & POS just tab your card and execute your transaction.

Way to Apply?

  • Visit the nearest AIB branch

Things to know before visiting the branch and applying:

  • 1Maintaining an active account with AIB
  • 2Present your valid NID (Tazkira)
  • 3A passport size photo is requires
  • 4 Signing Schedule of Charges
  • 5 Signing General Terms and Conditions