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Inward Telegraphic Fund Transfer

Inward Telegraphic Transfer is a receipt of funds through SWIFT/Telex from an overseas party. AIB has an extensive network of correspondent banks. As such, you can receive funds in various currencies from most parts of the world. 


To receive funds from an overseas party, please provide them with the following details:

  • Your name and permanent address as per the records of Bank
  • Your AIB Bank account number
  • Name of Beneficiary Bank: Afghanistan International Bank
  • Address of Beneficiary Bank:
  • Country: Afghanistan


For detailed information please visit the nearest AIB branch and/or call our call center 255 or email to [email protected] Standing Order Instruction Payment is automatically deducted from your designated Afghanistan International Bank Account, if you advise the bank with pre application to debit your specific account, amount, and time, to specific account.


Please tick to confirm that you are happy to have your information stored only for communication about this enquiry by Afghanistan International Bank.