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Required Documents & Initial Deposit

Required Documents & Initial Deposit Required Documents:

Required Documents:

  • Update License
  • Article of Association (AOA)
  • Original NIDs (Tazkira) of Shareholders
  • Request for Account Opening – On company letterhead
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Company Seal Stamp
  • Passport Size Photo of Shareholders
  • Presence of company’s Shareholders in the onboarding process of account opening

Additional documents required for Domestics and International Companies & NGOs:

  • International Organization/Company (Article of Association, Stock/Share Certificate, and Board Resolution)
  • NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) – (Official Letter from the Ministry of Economy, List of Management member’s inboard).
  • International NGO (Non-Government Organization) – (Official Letter from Ministry of Economy, Article of Association, List of Management members inboard and their copies of their passports).
  • Private Universities/Schools (License from Ministry of Higher Education/License from Ministry of Education)
  • Private Hospitals (License from Ministry of Public Health)

Initial Deposits:

  • Initial Deposit for AFN Account AFN 3,750
  • Initial Deposit for USD Account $50
  • Initial Deposit for EUR Account €50

Monthly Maintenance & Other Fees 

Monthly Maintenance:

  • AFN 750 for Monthly Maintenance fee on AFN Account
  • $12 for Monthly Maintenance fee on USD Account
  • €50 for Monthly Maintenance fee on EURO Account


  • Free Printed Statement for AFN Account
  • USD Account - Per Print Statement $5
  • EURO Account - Per Print Statement €5

Additional Services & Benefits Included


  • Free Online Banking
  • ATM Withdrawal Facility
  • Free Master & Visa Debit Card Issuance with $20 Annual fee
  • Islamic Credit Card (Master) Issuance
  • Cheque-Book
  • Free SMS Banking Facility
  • Murabaha Financing (Industrial financing, business and corporate financing)
  • Access to all AIB branches


  • Safe and Secure Transactions
  • Easy, Reliable, and Free AFN Transfer of Funds to All Local Banks
  • International Remittances to all countries (Except Sanction countries)
  • $2,000 and Equivalent AFN Withdrawal Through ATM’s within 24 hours
  • Currency Exchange Facility
  • 24/7 Customer Connection Channels – Through Call center and Social media

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