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CFI Best Corporate Governance Afghanistan 2020

CFI Best Corporate Governance Afghanistan 2020

In pioneer markets, excellence in corporate governance lifts companies above the median and into the field of vision of International partners who may contribute additional skills, resources, and ideas. This is how Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) managed to become the country's largest and most profitable financial service provider in under a decade.

Founded in 2004 by two domestic corporate groups and a binational US/Afghan company, AIB was designed from the ground up to meet, and exceed the international standard and adhere to global best practices. This determination allowed AIB to become the preferred partner of multilateral lenders, development agencies, diplomatic missions, charitable institutions, and numerous government entities.

Thanks to its operational efficiency and strict compliance with all relevant international regulations such as anti-fraud and anti-money laundering legislation, AIB is the only privately-owned Afghan bank trusted with US dollar clearing facilities by international banks. AIB maintains clearing relationships with both standard & Chartered and Commerzbank.

From AIB House, the bank's corporate headquarters in Kabul, AIB manages seven full-service branch offices in the country's largest cities - effectively establishing a nationwide presence. For AIB, virtue sits at the very core of its corporate DNA and adds to the bottom line: earning the trust of its clients - and indeed the nation - allows the bank to take in an estimated 23% of all domestic deposits.

The judging panel has followed AIB's remarkable progress for the past seven years. The judges' have seen how the bank spares no effort to meet its obligations and discharge its responsibilities. In fact, the judges agree that AIB is the one Afghan bank everybody trusts without any reservation- a testament to the power of sound corporate governance. The judging panel is delighted to offer Afghanistan International Bank the 2020 Best Corporate Governance Afghanistan Award.